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To promote the growth, spread, and development of pickleball in an atmosphere of respect and support of all players allowing for social and competitive play.  Our Club looks for ways to: 1) promote pickleball  2) introduce new people to pickleball, 3) provide players with local places to play, 4) organize play opportunities, and 5) offer instruction,  5) host tournaments, 6) enhance local venues




The Club is recognized by the IRS and State of Pennsylvania as a 501c3 non profit corporation.  A volunteer group of players guide the Club in accordance with the above stated purpose and philosphy in mind.



The Gherkins pickleball club traces it roots to Halloween day, October 31, 2011.

A few local players gathered to play indoors with 2 nets and 8 paddles provided by Concord Township.  The original 12 senior players reached out to others through the local news media, notices to senior communities, and by demonstrating at local Expos.

The players hosted the first Delaware County Senior Games pickleball event in June 2012.  The Tournament was a great success and is still hosted by the Gherkins.


2012 was the first effort to reach out to the youth in the community.  The Varsity Club at the Garnet Valley High School brought members to learn aabout and play pickleball.  It was a an experience enjoyed by young and old alike.  As the number of players increased from 12 to 50 and then to over 100 it became time to find a name.  A contest was held in November 2012 and Wendy Quinn, one of the early players, submitted the winning entry and the Garnet Valley Gherkins was adopted.  Outdoor courts were needed for the times the O'Donoghue Fieldhouse was not available to the Gherkins.  The "old" Garnet Valley High School tennis courts were converted with painters tape to accomodate pickleball for the summer months.  

2013 saw the begining of the now, USAPA sanctioned Spring Tournament.  The Gherkins host The tournament for the  benefit of the Brandywine Youth Club.   Referee training was started to meet the demand for refs during the tournament.  December saw the Gherkins proposal for outdoor courts presented to the Township Supervisors.  


2014 Started  the first Over The Hill Pickleball Tournament for players 70 and older.  Although a small tournament, it was a great success and is being held again in 2015 to the delight of the "older" crowd.  Our efforts to find outdoor space for dedicated pickleball courts has not produced any results.  A visit to a monthly Township Supervisors  meeting brought assurances that it will take time but it will

happen.  In October Dr. Marc Bertram, the Garnet Valley School District superintendent joined the Gherkins at the Senior Expo for a bit of play.  He offered the "old" tennis courts and said the School district and the Township would work together on the project.


2015 We continue to grow.  The four "old" Garnet Valley High School tennis courts now have permanent painted pickleball court lines.    Thanks to our skilled painting volunteers,  John, Walt,  and BIll.  THese courts can be utilized at anytime by any pickleball players.  Parking remains and issue as it is a long hike from the parking area out by Smithbridge Road to the pickleball courts.    Parking is closer when school is not in session.  We continue to use the tennis nets which are a couple of inches high for regulation pickleball play.

2016 saw the end of Garnet Valley Gherkins Pickleball Club and the beginning of Garnet Valley Gherkins Pickleball Club Association (GVGPCA), a corporation which assumed pickleball operations in Concord Township.






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