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Player Guidelines and Policies

 Place your paddle in the rack.  Our starting rotation is 2 on 2 off after the first game.  Winners of the first game stay on the court but split up.   All games are 1-11 win by one point.   After two consecutive games players leave the court when others are waiting.




1. Open to any pickleball player who desires to play at a Gherkin organized site, places his or her

name on the club email list, endorses the Club's guidelines and policies, signs a waiver and pays any required fees.


2.  Keeping in mind our Club Philosophy of Respect and Support of all Players, we have established guidelines and policies for the benefit of our players.  When a player does not adhere to these guidelines and policies and the condition persists, the Board can no longer invite them to play with our Club.


3.  Playing privileges and attendance at Gherkins functions can be revoked for cause by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  THe offending player will be notified by email and a letter sent by first class mail.  If the player arrives at a function after notice has been sent they will be asked to leave the premises and any delay in doing so will be treated as trespassing.


4.  A player who has been dismissed for cause may request reinstatement after six months.  A majority of the Board members must approve the request.  If a player returns after six a month suspension there will be zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior.  One infraction and the player will again be involved in the actions set forth in paragraph 3.  If a player is dismissed for a second time that player will not be eligible to return to play with the Club.

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